Download the latest virus-free* software and databases by clicking on the links below.

The software available here is pre-release, and may contain undocumented features or bugs. If you have problems with any of the installations, please discuss the issue on the Spooky2 Forum or send me a message directly.

COVID -19 Presets version 20240625. On average, a new strain of COVID-19 is discovered every two weeks. These presets contain the information of all COVID-19 strains currently circulating.

Spooky2 Patch version 20240626. Download and run this installer to update your existing Spooky.exe to the most recent version.

Spooky2 Software version 20240626 full installer, containing databases and presets. Overwrite your previous installation if you already have Spooky installed. Historical biofeedback scans and user-created presets will not be deleted. Historical biofeedback scan data and user-created presets will also not be deleted.

Highlights of changes since last formal release:

New: Tissue Factor option. This factor compensates for reduced signal speed through tissue.

New: Amino acid chains (proteins) to frequency. Spooky now accepts amino acid characters within a program. Amino acids must be within brackets. For example (mkalivlglvllsvtvqgkvfercelartlkrlgmdgyrgislanwmclakwesgyntratnynagdrst dygifqinsrywcndgktpgavnachlscsallqdniadavacakrvvrdpqgirawvawrnrcqnrdvr qyvqgcgv) is a valid program for lysozyme F1 simulation. To inhibit a protein, start the string with "-"; ie, “(-mkaliv….) Spooky converts each amino acid character to its corresponding frequency.

New: Each generator can have text tied to it. The text is free-form, and can be the name of the person being treated, or any other information.

New: Option to create sidebands. This is particularly useful with plasma, because it halves run-times. Every second frequency is hit by a sideband created by the previous frequency.

New: Option to prevent Out1 from skipping frequencies if “Out 2 Runs Every Second Freq” or “Out 2 = ABS(F1 – F2)” are selected. This is useful if you want frequencies to be hit more than once.

New: Firmware check before starting firmware update. If firmware is already up to date, the updating program is not started.

New: “L” (wavelength to frequency conversion) is now accepted by most fields in the Program and Settings tabs.

New: "Read Single BFB Variable" option in System tab. Normally, both Current and Angle are measured during a BFB. This option speeds up BFB scans by reducing the USB traffic.

Improved: When Out2 runs every second frequency or creates sidebands, programs with odd total frequency numbers use the first frequency for Out2 on the final frequency.

Improved: Scalar Digitizer Master presets.

Improved: Decimal places for carrier sweep creation.

Improved: Waveform display in Settings tab. The right side of the graph display was being truncated on some screens.

Improved: Error code handling for biofeedback, frequency-limit and slow ticker timer routines.

Improved: DNA databases and presets.

Spooky uses the most recent genome sequences to ensure the DNA databases contain the latest mutations of disease-causing pathogens. For general pathogens, a date limit of 10 years was previously set. Older sequences were omitted from the databases. This means that older, unchanging genome sequences were missed. The new versions of DNA databases and presets goes as far back as 1976 to capture the sequences previously ignored.

Improved: Grade scan data files are now appended with "_Grade".

Fixed: Reverse Frequency sorting.

Fixed: Database selection errors in Programs tab when “RUSS” and “VEGA” labels are clicked. (Thanks Anne)

Fixed: Hunt and Kill generator behaviour (the slave generator was using some parameters from the scan generator on the second cycle).

Fixed: GX Pro Firmware to v2.01. Fixes offline frequency error. The full installer includes the firmware update software.

Fixed: Amplitude wobbles for slave generators

Fixed: Programs tab "Move the program to the bottom" arrow was not working correctly.

Fixed: “Write Waveforms” square wave file creation.

Fixed: Forced factors for MW and DNA / RNA.

Fixed: Grade Scan option not always available when frequencies were loaded.

Updated: Morgellons and Lyme v3.0 presets. Thanks to Bryan Yamamoto.

Updated: Main database to version 20240111.

Updated: DNA databases to version 20240511.

Updated: MW database to version 20240515.

Updated: Presets to version 20240511.

Spooky2 Presets version 20240625. Download and run this installer to update your factory presets to the most recent version. Includes the full DNA preset range. Best run with Spooky version 20210816 or later. Dual output presets require Spooky version 20200904 or later. DNA presets require Spooky 20200501 or later to "Run", and Spooky 20200527 or later to "Scan". You do not need to exit Spooky before installing.

Main Database version 20240625. Includes the 2023 ETDFL and BIO programs. Download and run this installer to update your main database to the most recent version.

DNA Database version 20240625. Download and run this installer to update your DNA databases to the most recent version. Extinct pathogen strains have been removed in this latest release. Note that this database is only compatible with Spooky 20200501 or later.

MW Database version 20240515. Note that this database is only compatible with Spooky 20200501 or later.

GX Pro Display Firmware Update Instructions

GX Pro Display Firmware Upgrade v7789 executable (fixes offline frequency bug). This file is already included in the Spooky2 full installer.

Spooky2 User's Guide version 20220210. Spooky2 manual. Written by Bryan Yamamoto.

MicroGen Software version 20220712. Full installer for MicroGen; a revolutionary, portable contact-mode generator. Includes all databases, offline user's guide, and updated firmware version 1.21.

MicroGen Database update version 20240625. Includes the new monoisotopic mass database. Does not alter your existing MicroGen installation.

ChainEditor version 2.5.1360. A utility for editing presets and preset chains. Written by Bryan Yamamoto.

DH Experimental Presets version 20230717. Contains frequencies derived from dowsing. Remote mode presets now all converted to dual mode operation. Written by Bryan Yamamoto.

Newport Presets version 20190519. Contains frequencies derived from dowsing. Written by Bryan Yamamoto.

XM generator powerfix utility (for older XM generators).

Schumann Frequencies.  Listen and heal using Earth's natural heartbeat. This sound file contains the strongest Schumann frequencies in the Pure Audio .FLAC format.